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tim walker design


My Story

Timothy Walker an Italian American Graphic Designer. 
Born and raised in Verona, the capital of Italian printing and graphics as well as the paper industry. In 2003 I became an Offset printer operator whilst competing for the Italian Kayaking team; 2005 earned my Diploma at Carlo Anti Villa Franca in Graphic Design and 2012 I concluded my studies with a Bachelor of Graphic Design in Sydney.

I have experience working in both Italy & Australia; for the creative agencies CONTEMPORANEA GROUP Advertising (Verona, Italy), DIESEL (Vicenza, Italy) ; IDEA WORKS (Sydney, Australia), as the creative director at XPRESSAUTO (Sydney, Australia) and as designer at ART AND SOUL Signage, creating large scale posters and stands for major brands. 

I was drawn to design and arts by my families passion for the visual arts, ( my father American artist HERBERT BROOKS WALKER and brother photographer BROOKS WALKER).
In my youth I was exposed to various genres of art and design, developing a keen interest in classic Italian comic book artists like Guido Crepax, Milo Manara and Frank Miller (DC comics USA). Taking some time to see the world has opened my mind and helped shape my creative process as a designer.

I'm passionate about graphics and its inherent fascinating key elements that create a strong perennial brand identity through media. 

My goal is to love what I do and share a different perspective, whilst contributing to the positive emotions of an evocative brand.